The New York Youth Club is an Internal Revenue Service recognized 501(c)3, non-profit organization. Our program is far more involved with "prevention" as opposed to rehabilitation. Our purpose is to reach teenagers before they become embroiled with activities that will scar them for life.

NYYC provides teen intervention, job skills and recreation. Our program also allows teenagers to develop leadership skills, responsibility, and confidence. We believe the best intervention is motivation. Thus, we provide behavioral incentives that offer educational scholarships, trips to museums, concerts, amusement parks, Broadway plays and other outings designed for fun and education.

Our mission is to "Build America's Future Today." And even though we often work with large groups of children we are acutely aware that each teenager needs individual attention and that the positive influence one healthy, well-adjusted teenager can have on their peers cannot be computed. Thus, we are building America's future today by doing what we can for each and every child who chooses to join our "family."

Enter our humble site and get a glimpse of who the New York Youth Club is and what we do.